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3/8" Gripper® Leash  For the small but mighty!
This leash features one single row of rubber and is our most light-weight offering. It is ideal for smaller dogs and other pets such as cats, ferrets and iguanas. The four foot come standard with a brass ring in the handle and our heavy duty brass snap. Extra small snaps are available in nickel and brass, please specify when ordering.   View snaps
4-Ft 3/8" Gripper $20.95
Snap :
Color :

6-Ft 3/8" Gripper $21.95
Snap :
Color :
Are you always looking for that perfect leash for training and competitions?  We have it!
Working and Sport Leads 

10'  15' & 33' Tracking Working and Sport Leashes with TWO
rows of rubber

Obedience and Trial Leads

The o-ring allows the leash to be connected together to make a continuous loop.

Gripper® Specialty Leashes
Our Ultimate Show Leash!

Guide Dog Leash

Tabs and Traffic Leads

Police Leads


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The Super Gripper®

When only the strongest grip will do!

The Super Gripper® is our ultimate gripping leash. It contains two extra rows of rubberized stitching for a total of 4! This leash is ideal for anyone with limited mobility or suffering with arthritis.
4-Ft Super Gripper $25.95
Snap :
Color :

6-Ft Super Gripper $27.95
Snap :
Color :

Our Classic Gripper® Leash

**Brass "O" Rings come standard in the 4' and under obedience leads only.  Available by custom order for longer leads. 

4-Foot  Leash
Two rows of rubber!

The 4-foot leash is an ideal length for obedience training. It comes standard with a solid brass bolt snap and a coordinating brass o-ring in the handle. The o-ring allows the leash to be connected together making a continuous loop. The leash can then be placed over the handler's head and under the arm for any off leash activity.
No more lost leashes!

Classic Leash - 5/8 x 4-Foot $22.95
Snap :
Color :

Classic Leash - 3/4 x 4-Foot $23.95
Snap :
Color :

6-Foot  Leash
Two rows of rubber!
This is our most frequently requested length!

Available in 5/8" and 3/4" widths, this leash is suitable for any pleasure or training activity. It comes standard with a solid brass bolt snap.

Classic Leash - 5/8 x 6-Foot $23.95
Snap :
Color :

Classic Leash - 3/4 x 6-Foot $25.95

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